Saturday, January 27, 2007

Nivi's Day Out

Well to start with this happens to be the most relaxing weekend I have had in so many months. My mother happens to be away on pleasure trip. Sleep a rare commodity for me, has blessed me enough over these three days. I tell myself that I would have to go to return the books I had borrowed from the library and I drag myself out on a raging day. I tried for some one to come with me but I failed to convince anyone to join me. So it was Nivi's Day Out and I decided it had to be made fun.

I traveled by bus after a long time. I saw things which I usually would not have otherwise. I saw a small church just over some bridge towards the town side which I feel is not hundred years old but quiet antiquated. I saw a new construction near Haji Ali and thought to myself not another mall. It is just few days before the derby and the race course seemed beautiful. I would have missed all this if I had not travelled in bus.

I was not sure of the way to library as I had just been once there before. The music was humming in my ears and I had no plans. I reach the library and purposefully march towards the stacks of book. I suddenly feel dizzy with all the books around me. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. It wasn't the books but I did not want to analyse my dizzy spell. I slowly kept moving and reading just the titles and finally picked up some books and moved out.

I kept wondering how should I go home and from where. But moving from library I had my glares on and I kept walking. In retrospect, I had too many memories flowing in and that is when I thought......

There comes a time in your life

When you look into your past

And see the footprints you left behind.

Those are the moments when

You cherish the memoriesOf time long gone by.

Of occasions that made you laugh,

And instances that made you cry.

These are the memories Stored in the footprints you have left behind.

And you remember,How a little smile lit up many lives,

And how you shared a life.Its then that you realize,

you too are important for some one,

you have played a part n someone’s life.

However small these might appear,

These too are significant,

Your footprints on the sands of time.

I could see the ocean from where I was walking. I could also see heads of people lined up as I walked closer to Marine Lines. While passing the Air India Building I saw two guinea fowls. I had to take their snaps. Walking ahead I saw three huge NAVY helicopters touring the Marine Lines sky. People stood up to see the amazing giants and the navy officers doing the stunts. All children started clapping and waving at them. I clicked few snaps from my cell just got one of them right. Then I just kept walking ....I walked and walked. Drank some world famous nimbu paani. Which gave me enough strength to keep walking till Victoria Terminus station now called CST. I took some hot coffee to keep me going, the famous cappuccino from CCD. I took it on the train and guess what I, the stmbler spill all my coffee on shirt and shoes. Thats the way Nivi ended her day but it was one amazing evening on her own.

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