Friday, December 05, 2008

We will meet again and soon

His eyes searched for something deep inside my soul. My heart lurched when he looked, looked straight at me. His eyes were naked and the sight of his stature was just enough to make me feel as if someone dropped a lead inside my stomach. I smiled a slow smile that reaches up to your eyes when you are happy and content. Its good that I was sitting otherwise my knees would have buckled and I would have fallen. Oh God! I have fallen head over heels for him.
He knows that and I am glad he knows that I am all his. Out of all people, I suppose I did not expect to be weak, vulnerable and exposed to an extent that my hands rightfully found his and we held on as if there’s no tomorrow. I found my head lowered on his shoulder and my face found the perfect hollow of his neck. His warm breath on my face calmed me down. That moment made me feel the most secured person alive today.
Slowly an emotion welled up inside me that I could not describe. I couldn’t be less grateful to the Lord when an overwhelming sense of happiness wore on me. My eyes were moist and I could not understand the reason how one could feel happy and sad at the same time. His words were soothing and so endearing I couldn’t hear the din around me. The crowd vanished out of sight and it was just him sitting right next to me. Talking, explaining and justifying something I could not comprehend. Even in the cozy lull, the memory of a fierce rendezvous made my lips twitch wanting for more. “What more?” I thought. A slow grin appeared on both of our faces at the same time.
I wanted to scream I love you and I won’t ever leave you but I remained quiet. His questioning stare kept looking at me but my mouth found no words. I gulped down the emotion of just openly breaking down. I controlled myself from digging my face on his chest and cry. Cry until I feel we are one and no one can part us. We reached our destination and before parting we held each others eyes, communicating in silence. A silence which said it loud and clear that we will meet again and soon.