Tuesday, March 27, 2007


A human being can live without food, water and even air, at least for few minutes. But there is one thing that he can not live without. What was that? That is hope. If a human being loses his hope, he could be called a dead man alive. The simplest of hope would be to be able to see the sun once you get up. A recent and really good example would be to movie “Pursuit of happyness”. The character never loses hope to have better tomorrow. Of course he did not expect the world to be better place to live in instantly, but mostly for himself and his beloved son. He just day by day keeps facing the crunch of not having enough to live through the day. But he does not give up. In this situation he needs a job; he does get one as a trainee in Stock broking organization. The irony being that he would not be paid for 6 months and after that he would have to prove his potential to be able to be a broker. In the meanwhile he never loses his cool and he is always polite and respectful. He completely understands the worth of other individual. A wonderful characterization of how he gets himself and his son through all the difficult phases only on a very fragile hope that he would get the job after his traineeship is over. The belief and faith on this hope he carries himself from one eventful day to another. So friends lets not lose hope to simply love and cherish and one more request do watch the movie, its simply touching.

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