Thursday, November 30, 2006

Go Read "The Kite Runner"

My friend insisted me to read the book - "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. I remember buying the same book to gift my ex-boss on her farewell. I was sure the book was excellent but when a book is gifted you always like it. I love getting books especially the ones I yearn for. He told some snippets of the book and I was inclined to get the book fist hand. I was going on lone long journey on my own to Nagpur. The best friend you can carry for the way. I went to Crossword, I was on a mission to buy this book and I did.

I was just waiting to pick it up and start reading. Once I did start reading, the only time I would have kept it down would be when I had become extremely hungry and could not resist but eat my food. The author has been explicit about the characters potrayed in the book. The friendship of Amir and Hassan followed by the feeling of betrayal of this same friendship. I could feel the conflict Amir felt when he had let-down Hassan for his own benediction. Just because he wanted to see the twinkle of recognition in his father's eyes for him.

He could see his friendship coming to an end, as he could not even meet Hassan's eyes. Hassan being the servants son was benign soul. He was aware of Amir's betrayal but yet he had forgiven him. Amir's guilty indulgence makes him send Hassan packing away. His father feels very dejected with their departure.

Soon afterwards due to invasion of Russians Amir and his father have to flee from Afgainstan. They go to the famous USA..thereafter Amir is a changed man.

But something calls him back to Afganistan something now he needs to pay for after so many years for one betrayal.

Mr Hosseini has taken us through Amir's all kind of emotions of friendship, authority, betrayal, new life, love, and in the end his sense of redemption.

With inordinate compassion and stunning simplicity, Mr Hosseini portrays Amir's impossible dilemma. Complications abound, but the answer lies in humanity's capacity for kindness. The grace of acceptance heals the wounds of brutality, for with forgiveness anything is possible, even the wild joy of soaring kites against a winter sky.

So I suggest Please go and read Kite Runner

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Sanju said...

Revenge is sweet... but forgiveness is better...

You have made a very emotional blog of wat a friend does for another...