Sunday, November 12, 2006

To Part Ways

The train moved slowly and the jerk brought me back to reverie, the time had come to depart. We all three rushed to the door. I did not even get to hold on to my friend for one last time. I jumped out and felt like dragged from one scene to another of play, too quickly. He was at the door clutching it like his life and tears rolling down his eyes. A wave of something welled in my heart; I cannot explain I could not see him miserable. It just kept screaming in my head, “STOP, don’t go”.My throat went dry; it was difficult to keep normal face and tone of voice.

He called up and spoke. No, he was not able to speak. I am sure he felt like a bird whose wing had just been torn apart. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of imperceptible loss. I had to be strong and assure him he was going away for good. I know he had made decision after much thought. It would have been wretched to see him stagnant here without any opportunity to grow. I understood that but yet could not explain something inside me. We spoke for sometime and even had the spunk to crack a few jokes.

Later the whole day was a whirl of events I was not a part of and was just happened to be there because I had to be there. You guessed it right I was at work. I took the time off and sat with a friend whom I did not have to explain anything. It is the same magic I was already missing that with him I could sit quiet and he would understand. There are very few friends with whom you can do that. It hurts the most when they have to leave and go. Towards the end of the day when I was alone and could not stop myself anymore. Finally I broke down, when it actually hit me I never would be able to get those moments back again.

Small things, happy and sad moments we shared will be memories I would cherish forever. Times had come to part ways and yet hope to meet again which will keep us all going on and on….


JO said...

Very emotional! In my opinion,this is by far, your best blog.. maybe the best pieces of work sprout up from the things that you feel most strongly about!

Anonymous said...

Nivi.........I never thought you could express such a deep feeling while saying "I cannnot explain my feeling". It was heart touching.

Nivipooh said...

May I know who is this???