Sunday, April 21, 2013

Make From Waste

Make From Waste

Well, I have been thinking from a very long time to create something for the pen stand which Rakesh had made out of some cylinder he found while fixing our fan. Since then it had just been a piece of cardboard with pens and pencils stacked with. So here I took out the time really, got all the materials together and made a cute owl out of the waste cardboard cylinder.

So how did I make it. Here are few tips you can use to make one of your own. Well I sure did get inspired by a picture I had seen. So here it is I am attaching that picture as well for you to see.

Step 1 use a single colour paper to wrap. You can use tissue paper roll cardboard to make this.

Step 2 use any matching colored paper to make its feathers. Either you can manually cut this or use cutters available in market. Stick them to the main body one by one to give it a feathery look.

Step 3 cut out large portions of white eyes and black portion in it. you can stick easily available sequence or even cut small circular white paper to make the pupils.

Step 4 use the same colour paper to make wings. 

Step 5 just use your imagination and create something of your own.

The final product of my imagination looked something like this.

Keep waiting I am already starting another project from waste. Love recycling and decorating.

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