Sunday, October 14, 2007

Leap High Above

With the occasional breeze brushing across my face, I kept looking at the entrance of the station. Sweat was trickling from one corner of my face with the hot autumn sun. I kept looking at every person who passed by me. One lady pushed me with her rear side without even realizing that she did that. I noticed that she did not know what her rear side had just done while bending and I pardoned her. After all she was not making me wait for ages.

I looked at the chattering lady police and she was not doing what she needs to do. After the bomb blast in Mumbai, I thought they would be frisking anyone with huge luggage. She glanced at me once when she saw my gaze for than a minute on her. I quickly prayed that, he should now come sooner.

Though my prayer was not completely answered, God has his own way of doing that. He did not come yet but he called. I answered without saying hello,
“Where are you?”
“I am right outside, Priye”
He had the habit of annoying me more by calling me ‘Priye’ when I am at the peak of my frustration.
“Then why aren’t you coming in?”
“Darling, just step outside and we will go.”
“But aren’t we going in train, I don’t want to go in auto or taxi for that matter.”
“Will you ever listen to me.” he sighed, “please come out priya, I am serious.”
I hung up and walked out of the station. I could not see him anywhere. I would kill him if this was a prank I thought to myself. I saw a hand waving at me from one crowded corner; the person was inside a car. At closer look I realized it’s him. I hurried down the path with my mouth wide open, as the car looked brand new.
“Whose car is it?” I asked him suspiciously.
He grinned and opened the door for me.
“Priye let me be your chauffeur today.”
I took seat knowing he was being romantic and constant questions about the car would simply spoil the fun.
There was no doubt in my mind that the car was brand new because I could smell the new plastic in the car. We drove to the nearest beach. On the way he would look at me and give me a sheepish smile.
I smiled back at him with all the love I always felt for him.
“Jaan, do you want to tell me something?”
“Not now, wait for some more time.”
He parked the car carefully and we walked towards the salty breezy air. The sound of crashing waves on the shore and the illimitable blue sky wavered above our heads. It was a wonderful beginning of an evening. He held my hand firmly as we moved towards the sea.
“Priya, I bought that car today. Did you like it?”
I was astounded by the news, which he gently delivered. Not once did he mention anything about buying the car during their conversation. The deal may not have been settled for a week. He did it for us, I was not sure yet but this definitely is an indication.
“You dint say anything about this before.” She said beaming, “I love the car, and it’s simply perfect.”
“I hoped you would like it, I wanted to surprise you.” He smiled.
“That you certainly did, darling.” She giggled.
They walked the shore hands in hand and enjoying the breeze. Splashing water on each other once in a while and giggling like school children. We came across a patch, nobody was around. As we sat down cuddling to each other, he said quietly, “Priya do you see the sun going down?”
I was baffled with his question and answered simply, “Yes.”
“I would like to see the sun rise, with you right beside me.”
Today was a day of surprises; I quiet did not understand what he meant. I looked into his eyes for an answer. They were clear and honestly determined, with no malice lacing them. When my eyes held a question, he answered it in whisper.
He produced a ring out of nowhere and waited for me to say something. My mouth seemed to cease working to any instructions my head gave.
“Yes I would love that.” I managed to finally say.

There after we just talked about our future and all the lovely things we would do together. We left the beach and sat in the quiet of the car.
“I can’t wait to tell this to didi. She would be overjoyed.”
He smiled and we drove out of that place.
“Let me accompany you when you do that. After all we have to ask her permission.” He said.
I looked at him, “I love u." as he bent towards me to kiss I said, "let’s get married soon.” He kissed me while he was taking a turn and an impending truck banged into our new small car. Flying high in the sky taking away all our plans into one single moment of death.

We leap into the world with all our joyous rightfulness hoping to fly through it. But when we start to fall like a rock from sky we wonder, why at all did we jump? Then we realize we did jump for a reason and if we dint fly the reason has stopped to exist.


Jyothi said...

Hey that made for wonderful reading!! I liked the end... not the typical cliched end.. much better than your previous posts!

Devyani said...

nice one, when is the next one coming?