Saturday, September 01, 2007

Say Cheese !!!

If the title brings thought of real yummy cheese and then need to diet in your mind, then this article is not meant for you. But if like me, you are the kind who is camera shy and run to the closest hiding place, read on. Almost all of us fear that we look different in our pictures, even weirder perhaps. For me the experience has in front of the lens and behind it has been similar.

It all began when I was a toddler. Of course I was voted the cutest baby around, but what they have got on the film doesn’t make me proud. For example the photo of me chewing on the newspaper, scared of the first birthday candle, showing of my non-existent teeth lost in a classic bawl etc. Then there are the good old school photos. Me almost unrecognizable with two oiled ponytails, pinned hanky to my neatly ironed uniform I ever wore for my entire life and in the least two inches of face powder.

I bet all of you have funny photos like you on your first bike (and then falling of it), near the monkey cage at the zoo (what a striking resemblance!!!), doing a koli dance and kicking your partner. And the snap you hide behind all the rest is you in the underwear pretending to be batman, naked in the washtub with a cheeky smile. But the father of all weird photos is the PASSPORT PHOTOS. The very thought of going into the dark room and fanning an expression that you think is smart, is scary. No matter how well you smile and try to maintain a serious face, something goes wrong. On the most seen and used photo of yours you end up looking like a) like you wanted to say something but were stopped in the midway b) in pain c) goofy d) constipated and certainly someone who must feature in ‘India’s Most Wanted’. I have just one good passport photo which I have treasured the negative and kept under lock and key. But since I have grown, I cant have my 6th standard photo on my ID.

The most treasured of all photos is the family photo. The whole family gathers in their best attire for this one. This image is really heart warming to see so many generations together.
Friends, family, wedding, criminal investigation, UFO or clicked with the lens cover on, Photos will always help us to capture that one moment and remember it for ages to come, to embarrass and to bring tear of joy.

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