Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mellow Moon

A small attempt at it goes

Soothingly moon hung in the sky
So strangely beautiful and lovely
Radiantly made my emotions fly
Loving memories were remembered sweetly

The silvery cast spread
swallowing up the dark
looks like a spell which people dread
Arousing feelings unashamedly stark

The luscious fullness
Steals away beauty of stars
Makes us dreamy full with lullness
Love stands out washing away all scars


Ashish said...


Jeet G said...

well my English is not that good to understand ur poem but it sounds good ... hehehe

Shikha Hora said...

too good sweety it was not just a try but real good one..............

arpit bhatnagar said...

nice one! i think for the first attempt it was quite good ....but somehow something was missing.......but beautiful thought indeed and perfect use of language!
keep writing more! :)

Prithwish said...

Gothic! That's the first word coming to my mind right now. This is kinda like some Within Temptation song...really nice.