Sunday, July 06, 2008

Humour Me

“This discussion has gone quite far.” He said, inadvertently trying to exude the remaining mental peace. His shoulder was throbbing and he could concentrate no further.
“Alright, then humor me, for a while.” She said not convinced yet giving him a chance.
“I did not do it. Now do you want me to explain it further, would you even listen?” He pursed his lips in frustration.

She smiled even in a situation like this. She wanted to say ‘No’ but her sheer nature to always come up with the unexpected answer allowed her to say, “Yes I would, why don’t you tell me without wasting any further time.” She looked at her watch to give her speech a final touch.
He was mildly surprised that she said ‘Yes’ but he should have known otherwise. He had an affair with her for two years, until recently, six months back when she had asked him to stop meeting her as her husband was getting suspicious. He was happy as he had his secretary to have fun with in her place.
“Okay, I was chasing him, but he stopped suddenly as if sensing my presence. I quickly hid behind a pillar. I heard the gun shots and I peeked to see. That’s when the bullet came tearing into the flesh of my shoulder. I saw a black Ford and its window rolling up. I staggered near his body and fell unconscious. I cannot be accused of his murder. Its not possible.” He finished.
“Then how do you explain the gun in your hand, when they found you? She adjusted her glass frame and scrutinized him.
“We have gone over and over about this. It is my gun but I wasn’t carrying it with me. I don’t know how it was there in my hand when they found me.” He almost cried out aloud.
“Do you think I am a fool? You hired me and you are paying a good amount. Let me remind you for every hour that you spend wasting, giving me a story full of crap. I don’t think you have understood the implication of this accusation, or the situation that we are having a conversation in a jail about a murder, just not any murder but that of my husband. Oops I meant my late husband.” She winked at him.
“My hour is up as your lawyer.” She got up and left.
With nothing to do in his cell, he looked out of the only 12”inch by 12’inch window. He was shocked to see her get into a black Ford and drive away.


alex paul k said...

din't understand nethin in d beginin n ws plannin 2 comment "very nice post"

keep posting

anurag said...

Definitely I'll keep this thing in mind before posting up my next article..Thanx for the critique!!

Sandeep Balan said...

awesome commentaries...riveting to the core yar...starts off at a confusing note but u really light up things towards the end...keep it coming!! i really like the fact that you wrapped it in such a short post..commendable!

El Furibundo said...

Evil. And riveting.
Dont ask me why.. There is something about the writing style that makes the body language of the characters apparent. Nice story. Keep 'em coming!