Monday, October 16, 2006

About me

Hi All

To know who I am and what I am ....personally I feel that you would have to just keep reading all the silly, yet somewhere close to my heart, bits that I would keep writing.

For begining :

We may not remain
Always in pain
Though it is hard to maintain
The happiness we sometimes gain

Survival is the truth
Since life is a fruit
Luscious sweet and sour
To live it is in our power

Hardships come and go
Why make life our foe
Life is like our friend
It is always there to fend

To take an easy way
In long run we pay
We die away slowly
By use of intoxicants daily

Wait for joyous happy days
They are surely to come your way.

Please feel free to go ahead and comment and give suggestions.
I would be waiting for response O' my dear readers.

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Allen Sanjay said...

proclivity towards everyday life which is personal and professional,perfect Camaraderie, ability to fathom life as it unfolds.